Tank covers

Tank covers

Vos Tank Covers (VTC) specializes in the manufacture, assembly and disassembly of PVC tank covers (roofs). Our tank covers facilitate fast and cost effective maintenance.

USPs of our tank covers:
- Waterproof
- Manufactured, assembled and disassembled in a relatively short time
- Time and cost saving compared with existing solutions
- Over pressure and under pressure easily adjustable
- The aerosol and grit (sand blasting) stays inside the tank
- Heat consumption low during coating
- Free workspace
- Reusable

VTC has been building covers at refineries within Europe since 2009.

VTC is a subsidiary of Vos Zeildoek & Krimpfolie Projecten.
Vos Zeildoek & Krimpfolie Projecten specializes in tarpaulin and shrink wrap projects.
With more than 30 years of tarpaulin experience, we apply this knowhow daily within all our shrink wrap projects. Our expertise in combining tarpaulin and shrink wrap enables us to think along with our customers in finding solutions to solve complex situations.


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