About Us

Our family-run company Vos Zeildoek en Krimpfolie Projecten was founded in 2000.

We work on tarpaulin and shrink wrap applications daily at our home base in Barendrecht. Our many years of experience resulting in a unique combination of tarpaulin and shrink wrap enables us to think along with our customers in finding solutions to solve complex situations.

We are a VCA*/ISO9001 certified company and are firmly committed to safety, quality and flexibility.

Vos Zeildoek en Krimpfolie Projecten primarily operates within the following markets:
- Petrochemicals
- Industry
- Shipbuilding
- House construction
- Scaffolding construction
- Transport
- Maintenance
- Energy
- Offshore
- Potatoes, Vegetable & Fruit
More details about our services and the possibilities for applying tarpaulin and shrink wrap can be found on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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